prices & Packages 

Here we have our royal packages!


That's My Best Friend, Go Best Friend

Go Best Friend, That's My Best Friend! package for the ladies.


The Gentlemen's Club 

A night for the fellows it doesn't matter the occasion Super Bowl , NBA Finals , Poker Night , Playstation 5 madden or 2k tournament will make it a night to remember.


ME Time

Everyone needs time for relaxation. Everyone is searching for a moment to have peace and quiet for themselves. This package will include crystals, candles, and a yoga session completed with a serene playlist.


Just Us 

Sometimes you just need some uninterrupted time with your person. One on one time with your partner, whether you have just met or been together for 20+ years. Customize your date now with a simple Royale Touch.

A royale touch_edited_edited.jpg

Special Occasions 

 Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Weddings, Graduations, Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceanera's, etc

Satisfaction Guarantee

All our packages are custom to order. We have a created service that provides an everlasting experience. 

We take every customer no matter how big or small and create a Royale Event. 

Each event will vary in price due to add-ons and additions, but our base price starts at $225.00 

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